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Join us in the fight against human trafficking. This section provides information on how you can contribute, whether through volunteering, donations, or spreading awareness, and become a crucial part of our mission for change.

Apply to Volunteer

Volunteering with Hope Against Trafficking is an extraordinary opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by human trafficking. As a volunteer, you become a crucial part of our mission to provide hope, empowerment, and a new beginning for survivors. Whether it’s through direct support services, community outreach, or behind-the-scenes assistance, your time and talents contribute to a collective effort that brings healing, awareness, and positive change. By dedicating your skills and compassion, you not only aid in the recovery of survivors but also join a community committed to eradicating this global issue. Your involvement as a volunteer at Hope Against Trafficking is not just about giving back; it’s about standing up for justice and human dignity, one life at a time.

Become a Freedom Fighter

Unite with others who are passionate about providing a community of HOPE for survivors to recover, rebuild and restore their lives. As a Love Transforms Monthly Freedom Fighter, you receive:


$ 10
Per Month
  • • Monthly Impact Report
  • • Exclusive Love Transforms Tee
  • • Annual appreciation gathering


$ 25
Per Month
  • • Monthly Impact Report
  • • Quarterly Insider Love Transforms Survivor Story
  • • Exclusive Love Transforms Tee
  • • Annual Appreciation Gathering


$ 75
Per Month
  • • Monthly Impact Report
  • • Quarterly Insider Love Transforms Survivor Story
  • • Exclusive Love Transforms Tee
  • • Annual Appreciation Gathering
  • • 25% VIP Discount in The Hope Store
  • • Exclusive Meet & Greet of our Home and Staff
  • • Early Bird Discount to our Annual Gala


$ 150
Per Month
  • • Monthly Impact Report
  • • Quarterly Insider Love Transforms Survivor Story
  • • Exclusive Love Transforms Tee
  • • Annual Appreciation Gathering
  • • 25% VIP Discount in The Hope Store
  • • Exclusive Meet & Greet of our Home and Staff
  • • Early Bird Discount to our Annual Gala
  • • Invitation to an Exclusive Hope Resident Graduation Reception

Become an Ambassador

We Need Your Help!

Hope Against Trafficking relies on partnership; change takes time and is nearly impossible without collaboration. Can you help us?

Our organization needs Social Media Ambassadors to help us grow. We want to end human trafficking, but we can only reach so many people. Together, we can raise awareness so the world will take notice and do something to end it.

Why Become an Ambassador?

Hope Against Trafficking | The word ambassador written in white chalk on a blackboard.

A social media ambassador for Hope Against Trafficking is someone who loves who we are and what we do. They are not afraid to boldly say so on social media.

While regular influencers talk about the brands they find helpful, effective, or otherwise beneficial, ambassadors take it to the next step. Ambassadorships are NOT a one-off influencer campaign. Instead, they become, at least to some extent, the face of Hope Against Trafficking. 

92% of people worldwide say they trust recommendations from friends and family above all other forms of advertising.

As a HOPE Ambassador, YOU can help raise awareness, build excitement, and increase our organization’s reach.

Why does this matter? Increased exposure leads to increased donations that directly support survivors, help us build stronger digital relationships, and create human trafficking awareness.

What Does an Ambassador Do?

Hope Against Trafficking | A chalkboard with the word brand ambassador on it.

Do you enjoy communicating—both online and offline?

We are looking for HOPE Ambassadors—people interested in positively impacting survivors of human trafficking. HOPE Ambassadors are the face of our organization. You will promote education and awareness of human trafficking by sharing posts related to our events, campaigns, galas, and news.

Our marketing team will supply most of the content; all you need to do is post it on your personal social media pages.

  • Must attend a short 30-minute zoom webinar.
  • Must be skilled in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat
  • Facilitate Hope Against Trafficking’s social media presence by consistently posting, favoriting, liking, sharing, and commenting on our posts. sharing,
  • Work with Hope Against Trafficking staff to maintain and keep up-to-date information available to post
  • Collaborate with staff to create campaigns and online branding strategies to maintain elevated levels of social media engagement, including (but not limited to) hashtag generation and student-friendly content creation.
  • Be yourself! Your authenticity is crucial when sharing events and content.
  • You do NOT need to share daily—unless that is how you usually post; we ask you to share 3 to 4 times a week.

Once you join our social media ambassador team, you will receive a Love Transforms Hope T-shirt.

We will provide the resources you need to create posts, usually in the form of links to all Facebook and Instagram post graphics for large campaigns. 

Note: you can use Facebook Images if you post on LinkedIn. 


Sign up today to become a HOPE Ambassador. You will receive free resources and training and will connect to other like-minded individuals committed to seeing change.

HOPE has an unwavering commitment to the ONE! Together, we can prevent ONE life from ever experiencing exploitation. But, we also walk alongside the ONE already exploited. We support them on their journey towards healing, freedom, independence, and a better story. We are with survivors every step of the way.

Become a HOPE Ambassador today; you can make a difference! 

Join Kroger Rewards

When you add Hope Against Trafficking as your chosen organization on the Kroger Rewards Program, every purchase you make at Kroger becomes a step toward combating human trafficking. It’s a simple yet powerful way to make a difference. By participating in this program, a portion of your grocery spending is automatically donated to Hope Against Trafficking, at no extra cost to you. This seamless integration of charitable giving into your daily routine means that your regular shopping trip has the potential to transform lives, support survivors, and fund crucial anti-trafficking initiatives.

Your participation in the Kroger Rewards Program is more than just a token contribution; it’s an ongoing commitment to change. The funds raised through this program play a pivotal role in sustaining our efforts to provide safe housing, essential services, and empowering programs for survivors of human trafficking. By choosing Hope Against Trafficking as your beneficiary, you’re not just a part of our mission, you’re an active participant in creating a brighter, safer future for survivors. Sign up today, and join us in our fight against human trafficking with every Kroger purchase you make.

Explore our Education

We believe that education and awareness is essential to end human trafficking.

Are you part of an organization, a parent, an educator, a student or a concerned citizen looking to join in the fight to end slavery? Education and awareness are great places to start!

Invite Hope Against Trafficking to Speak

We love to share our knowledge with the community. Please join with us in shedding light on the issue of trafficking by inviting us to speak.

Complete our event request form and someone will get back with you quickly.

Hope Against Trafficking | A group of people sitting at a table in front of a large screen.

Help Us Fundraise

In a few simple steps, you can launch a campaign to raise funds with friends, family, or co-workers to end human trafficking. Traffickers often tell their victims that they do not matter, so let’s prove them wrong. Start your campaign or make a donation to an existing campaign today.


Interested? Contact us to learn more.

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