Residential Program

Are you a survivor seeking access to our residential program?

Through transformative love, our restorative residential healing offers a loving community to help female survivors of human trafficking rebuild, restore and transform their lives.

Our 2-year residential holistic program provides rent-free housing and comprehensive services focused on the physical, mental and economic transformational needs of female survivors of trafficking, giving them hope for their future and empowering them to thrive once again.

Our residential program solution is focused on Recovery, Rebuilding and Restoration.

Residential Program
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Stepping out of darkness and into the light of HOPE

Our focus during “Recover” is to provide a safe and secure home that meets the basic survival needs of our residents as well as respond to their immediate medical, mental, and drug and alcohol recovery program concerns.

  • Sobriety/Recovery
  • Medical/Mental Stability
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Rest
  • Meeting basic survival needs


Lit by HOPE

We begin to build a secure and loving home to stand on where community and love reside, where transformation, healing and the climb upward can begin. The building blocks are laid on this strong and secure foundation.

Those coming out of the Life need to not only have a place to live, but a program that thoroughly understands the life they left, regardless of the number of attempts to exit.

  • Medical and Mental
  • Sobriety/Recovery
  • Education
  • Life Skills
  • Job Readiness
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WE believe LOVE transforms

In this stage, our residents begin the journey toward a renewed sense of self, rewriting the stories of their lives and rediscovering their dignity. This is where our residents begin to see that they can not only survive, but thrive.

  • Employment
  • Budget/savings
  • Leadership/Peer mentoring
  • Continuing Education/Higher degrees

What is the value of a life?

At Hope Against Trafficking, we believe all lives are valuable and everything possible should be done to assist survivors who have been abused since they were children to heal and grow.