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Thank you so much for your team’s help with the Chicken Coop project completion. It’s so exciting to see the neighbors getting involved. One is a registered nurse who does in-home visits. She wants to bring eggs to her clients who are homebound and need more protein in their diet. We also have a single parent dad whose wife died recently. He is raising three children and has been involved in our community garden and plans to get his children involved in gathering eggs once a week.

In addition, one of our Hope Against Trafficking residents wants to go to culinary arts school. She loves to bake and has been making cookies regularly for AA/NA meeting participants. She is looking forward to gathering eggs as well for her baking needs.

We were also able to open our third house and now have four residents. One has been living in homeless shelters for three years and is so overwhelmed and feeling blessed to be living in such a beautiful house.

Your team should feel proud to have participated in the renovation of this home and also completing the yard cleanup which allowed us to get occupancy. We are so grateful for the help and support of MSU FCU on these projects!

With Much Appreciation,