Board of Directors

Hannah McPeak
President of the Board and
Interim Executive Director

Barbara Rausch
Founding Board Member

Tammie Pasant
Secretary of the Board

Robert Gosselin
Board Member
Retired, Oakland County Commissioner

Erica Kohler

Daniel Russell, Sr
Vice President, DEM Group LLC

Lexie Schwarze
Woodside Bible Church

Advisory Board

Detective Sergeant Ed Price
Michigan State Police

Dr. Christopher McPeak, MD
Detroit Area ER Doctor

Tom Fairgrieve

Justin Bright

Eaton Brown
Assistant United States Attorney

Charles T. Craft

Axel Cooley

Amy S. Davis
Attorney at Law

Paula and Wade Fleming

Michael Marsalese
Attorney at Law

Charlene McPeak, PhD

Team Members

Diana Bochenek
Financial Controller

Alysia Hubbard
Director of Development and Administration

Hazelette Crosby-Robinson
Program Director

What is Hope Against Trafficking?

Hope Against Trafficking is a Southeast Michigan-based campaign in support of the fight against human trafficking and is presented by Monarch Wings, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

Hope Against trafficking is a 24-month residential program that provides restorative housing and comprehensive services focused on physical, mental, emotional and economic transformation. This dedicated housing and programming is committed to serving adult female survivors of sex and labor trafficking induced by threat, force and/or coercion.

Why Specialized Housing?

Sex and labor trafficking has occurred throughout the Detroit metro area and continues. Most victims become entrapped between the ages of 12-14. Many have become addicted to drugs and alcohol to numb their pain having suffered physical abuse at the hands of their exploiters. Death threats are used to keep them silent. With no safe haven, identity or money, they lack the hope that their circumstances will ever change. Rescue efforts on local, state and national levels are ongoing and increasingly effective. Once rescued, however, many survivors face little or no options for safe housing, support and services which allow them the chance to fully recover from their trauma and rebuild their lives. This is why we are here.

Women are referred to Hope Against Trafficking by local law enforcement, prominent social service organizations, correctional facilities, and street outreach programs. They are invited to enter a compassionate and disciplined community which is dedicated to their recovery and where they may acquire all of the benefits of a caring home environment, as well as professional counseling and specialized, victim-centered, trauma-informed therapy, job skill development and access to education and social services. They are supported by a team of salaried professionals and volunteers who stand by to guide and help them toward independence and empowerment.

We believe that love transforms. At Hope Against Trafficking, love allows human trafficking survivors to rebuild, rediscover and rewrite the stories their lives.

A Proven Solution

Hope Against Trafficking is a seedling of the successful Magdalene/Thistle Farms model from Nashville. There, roughly 3/4 of the women who made it through the first six months of the Magdalene program were drug-free and pursuing education and employment two years later—a percentage unrivaled by any treatment center. That’s because this model is not a halfway house or treatment center, but a community where the best evidence-based social work is paired with a spiritual community of sisterhood for life that gives women a safe place to heal.

Resident Profile

Women who enter the program will likely have first experienced sexual abuse between the ages of 7 and 11, started using drugs by age 12 and 13, and have been on the streets since age 14. Many who have fallen into cases involving sexual slavery through threat or force have experienced trauma from violence, coerced drug addiction and/or unwarranted jail terms. They enter broken and in need of long-term safe housing and specialized services to address their physical, mental and emotional needs. They are welcomed home and given a key, their own bed, every-day essentials and most importantly, LOVE, empathy, compassion and hope. They join a sisterhood of healing and restored women. When they leave, they are whole, transformed, and empowered to live their lives with joy, dignity and independence.

Social Enterprise

Our program empowers residents – after an initial 6-month recovery and commitment term – to earn and save wages through our non-profit social enterprise which imparts job skills and training for self-sufficiency. Here residents are given a stake in the success of the organization and empowered to help other survivors like themselves. Our social enterprise program is currently in development and will be modeled after Thistle Farms in Nashville.


We rely heavily on private contributions for the support of our home, its furnishings and every day living needs for our residents, as well as the specialized, professional therapy we provide to them. While additional benefits for our residents may be provided by generous, in-kind donors, funds may also support extended job training assistance and legal services.


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