We’re creating a safe place for victims of human trafficking in Southeast Michigan to rediscover their dignity and rewrite the stories of their lives.

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Quick Facts about Human Trafficking

  • Human Trafficking has been reported in all 50 states and at least 161 countries
  • In March 2015, Michigan ranked No. 2 nationally for human trafficking sex trade behind only Nevada
  • As many as 17,500 people are trafficked into the United States annually. About half are minors. 80 percent of them are being exploited as sexual slaves.
  • 2.4 million people across the globe are victims of human trafficking at any one time
  • Human trafficking is a $32 billion global industry
  • The current average cost of a slave around the world is $90.
  • There are no long-term comprehensive programs for rescued women in need of healing and restoration in Southeast Michigan

Love Transforms

Hope Against Trafficking is a non-profit organization answering the call for safe housing and restorative support for adult female survivors of sex and labor trafficking in Southeast Michigan. We offer Magdalene Detroit – a 24-month residential program that provides rent-free housing and comprehensive services focused on physical, mental and economic transformation. This is the first program of its kind in Southeast Michigan.

Survivors are referred to us by law enforcement, prominent local social service organizations, correctional facilities, and street outreach programs. Many have been caught in a cycle of addiction and sexual or economic exploitation which has been induced through threat, force, or coercion. Some have served unwarranted jail time. All come to Magdalene Detroit broken, fearful and in need.

Their journey to wholeness begins when they are welcomed into a new home and given a key, a bed, every day essentials, professional trauma-informed therapy, and most importantly, compassion, empathy and hope. They join a sisterhood of healing and restored women who know their plight. When they leave, they are whole, transformed, and empowered to live their lives with joy, dignity and independence.

With your help, we bring HOPE against the devastating effects of human trafficking, HOPE for stronger communities, and HOPE for the restoration of women survivors in Southeast Michigan.

Our Cause

Our cause is housing and restorative services. We offer a twenty-four month program that provides:

  • Rent-free housing and support
  • Professional, victim-centered, trauma-informed therapy
  • Comprehensive, individualized case management
  • Life and work skills with job training assistance
  • Legal support (where needed)

Our Values

  • Love and give abundantly with a focus on others
  • Build a compassionate community of hope and healing with women at the center
  • Hold ourselves and each-other in trust and accountability
  • Celebrate achievement
  • Empower women to build new lives

Upcoming Event: Paint With a Monarch Wings Twist

Tuesday, 18 July 2017 from 6-9pm

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 Run To Set Her Free- 5k Color Run

Saturday, September 9th at 9am

Stone Creek Metro Park

Proceeds from the race will go towards placing victims of human trafficking into a 2 year rehabilitation program at Hope Against Trafficking’s safe house.

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