January 2017 kicked off the beginning of a very exciting partnership with Dell EMC. With enthusiastic teams at both Dell EMC and MW-HAT, we are working together to cultivate an evolving relationship that will look to energize and invigorate our Magdalene Detroit home and program. With their help, we hope that our home will soon have a vegetable garden and a sanctuary garden, which will provide critical areas of renewal for our survivors.

Each story of wanting to work alongside MW-HAT is different but equally important. Gloria Shlanger-Nowicki, Senior Services Account Manager at DELL EMC, experienced how vulnerability perpetuates the threat of being trafficked. As a mother of two, she saw “how every child is different and some more vulnerable than others. I watched how learning disabilities, social skill issues, and outside factors can make a child more vulnerable. We need more safe homes to protect the vulnerable, to make it easier for them to find a safe place instead of the wrong path. I am proud to support Monarch Wings to bring awareness and help build a better future for the more vulnerable.”