Community Education

Community education main

The community education arm of our mission focuses on educating the community on the issue of human trafficking.

This includes the vulnerabilities, signs of manipulation, lures, and ways to identify possible victims. It is our obligation as an organization to bring HOPE against trafficking by educating and bringing awareness which will, in turn, shed light into the darkness to empower our communities to stand up, turn on the lights, see the truth and do something about it!

Speaker Training

Speaking/Training :

We believe in raising awareness and educating our communities! We provide human trafficking training and will speak at churches, schools, organizations, businesses, to first responders and any group of individuals interested in learning about human trafficking. To contact us for a speaker, please email us at: or complete our event request form here.

High School

Human Trafficking Curriculum for High Schools :

Our goal is to educate and raise awareness of students and faculty on the presence, prevalence and trends of human trafficking. We strive to do this by providing the knowledge and tools that empower students to effectively identify and respond to potential and harmful human interactions.

What is the value of a life?

At Hope Against Trafficking, we believe all lives are valuable and everything possible should be done to assist survivors who have been abused since they were children to heal and grow.