Google teamed with Benevity, a unique breed of for-profit companies with a social mission that is ‘doing well by doing good.’ It is something bigger than just giving, but empowering their people to support causes that make a difference. MW-HAT is fortunate to begin this journey with Google to develop a corporate giving scheme that evolves as we continue to build this partnership. At the core of the symbiotic relationship is not only helping female trafficking survivors rewrite the stories of their lives, but engaging Google employees to be a catalyst for change.

Giving back to the community is part of the foundation for Google and Benevity. Andrea Williams, Account Manager at Google, only furthers their cause by adding, “I’m extremely blessed that my company provides many opportunities to give back. Monarch Wings-Hope Against Trafficking is the one I’m most passionate about, and most excited to spread awareness of among Googlers. We believe in empowerment and growth. I think MW-HAT embodies the values I see represented in my company.” With those words, how can MW-HAT not feel beyond appreciative of the support we are looking to grow with Google and Benevity! We thank you!