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My giving story:

Following our November Open House, a board member spoke with the group in attendance,  telling them a story about what she saw in the future for the home they had just toured.

She asked them to close their eyes and said…

In the apartment you just walked through, imagine two women sitting at the desks in the living room working on their GED. Then you move into the kitchen and see another woman at the stove, cooking spaghetti sauce from a recipe with ingredients she bought at the grocery store from a list that she created.

Another woman gets home from her job and they all enjoy the spaghetti on dishes that match and are not cracked.

After discussing their days, they retire upstairs to get ready for bed- taking a shower and brushing their teeth in a clean bathroom before sleeping on a mattress that has only belonged to them.

This is possible!

This is what we see for the women on our waiting list.

You can help make this a reality.

This is why we give to and support Hope Against Trafficking.