Restore Victims: 25 Campaign

WE believe that TOGETHER we can do MORE!!!  The mission of the 25 CAMPAIGN is to bring together a community of at least 500 people who are willing to stand up against human trafficking and bring HOPE to survivors by making a pledge to give $25 per month for 2 years (the length of time a survivor will be in our program, Magdalene Detroit).  

Monarch Wings-Hope Against Trafficking cannot end human trafficking alone. Together we are united in this mission to bring HOPE against trafficking, HOPE for restoration, and HOPE for stronger communities in Southeast Michigan!

Your support will help us launch Magdalene Detroit this Fall. Can we count you in?

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Your $25 donation for 2 years monthly will provide a victim with the following services:

  • Group Therapy/Counseling
  • Medical/Dental
  • Job & Life Skill Development
  • 2-years free housing, free rent
  • Basic Daily Needs Met


Will you be 1 of 500 to stand up and fight against human trafficking?

_________Yes, I pledge to donate $25/month for 2 years

_________Yes, I pledge to donate $______/month for 2 years

_________Yes, I will make a one-time donation of $600 ($25/mo for 2 yrs)

_________Yes, and I want to do more. Please accept my donation of $_______


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